How we can reduce food wastage and a short folktale

Photo credit to my friend— Ong Paik Sim, homemade Zhong

Me: Ah Ma, let me help you. I can wrap too.

Ah Ma: Have you finish your homework? You better don’t touch my Zhong. You have clumsy fingers. You waste my good rice. They are expensive at this time of the year.

Me: Yes, but I can put in the mushrooms and chestnuts. Pleaseee…

(I was 12 years old then but it’s still true today. I am unable to figure out how to wrap those sticky dumpling without spilling out the contents)

Zhong(also known as Chinese Sticky Rice Dumplings) is a traditional food enjoy together with the celebration of the…


Lesson from a boy— It’s not about many followers or rich friends

Photo by Author — Front Page of a book titled: Job and the Robot.

Me: Here you go. An americano for you and green tea for me. This is an excellent place to meet. There is a good breeze, and it’s quiet today. ☕️

Sue: It’s my favorite coffee place. Do you have the children’s stories?

Me: I do. But heads up, the stories are written without any grammar or spelling checks. This is intentional. I told the children to ignore all those fancy grammar stuff and concentrate on the story they want to tell. The only rule for them is they must write at least 400 words to qualify for the prize. Honestly…


What I discover about being useful

Image by Natalia Lavrinenko from Pixabay

Madam Dumont: Qu’est-ce que tu fais dans la vie?(What is it you do in life?)

Me: Une bonne question. (A good question.)

I blinked and stared. Pretend I did not understand what she said. But honestly, I had no appropriate answer. I am not even sure what the heck was I doing in Pahree, torturing myself to learn French.

But Madam was a smart brunette.

Madam Dumont: Okay, homework pour tu, écris quelque chose ce week-end.

Damn it, my trick failed and I have homework. (Who even does homework at this age!?) 😯

Madam Dumont is my French teacher. A…


A conversation about a panic attack trigger

Photo by Author — Painted at the start of Msia’s Lockdown

Zamri is a good friend I met at work. He is passionate about helping people. He works in the Communication Department and is super organized. Zamri has been there checking on me since my dad passed away last year. He would call me now and then, to chat about life and work in general. He had no qualms at all in speaking his mind if he feels something is not right.

Until recently, over our usual check-in. Zamri started talking about his relationships with people.

(Side note: Malaysia started lockdown two weeks ago, which is our 3rd lockdown since 2020…

I got tagged by Tooth Truth and it’s about intimacy

Photo by the author — my personal sarong batik

I have a sarong batik for the longest time. My mum gave it to me. I supposed most of the ‘Peranakan’ ladies have a sarong or two tuck in their closet.

This sarong batik has followed me in my travels. It’s not a big piece, slightly bigger than an adult towel. The earthy red and purple colors are muted with a slight fade compared to when I first had it.

The material is cotton and is much softer, smoother after multiple washes. This favorite Sarong of mine has a faint lavender smell from the fabric softener. …

I got tagged by an ICON

Photo by Author — My Interpretation to the Michael’s birthday-ICON tag

ICON Regulator is not revolutionary. Some said these little micro-regulator affects a writer’s digestion, mental health, and metabolism.

Today, many have noted icon regulators drop in and scan the health of the writer’s post. They may leave traces of comments, claps, and recommendations to the future icon-to-be. Mostly encouraging.

But on some occasions, they may linger and sneak into the writer’s thoughts. Here scientists have found that they are known to regulate thoughts and behavior. Over time, they build an entire ecosystem inside, which shapes the writer’s content and voice.

An inspiration to writers and readers, they say.

“Selamat Hari…

Ching Ching

I am a Malaysian discovering ways to write about my life and my encounters with people. Nature is my inspiration.

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