Tailored for newbies writing for the first time in their life.

This piece is inspired by my readers’ comments in one of my articles — 4 Beautiful Gifts Writers Can Give Other Writers.

It’s brilliant to wake up to see their feedbacks in my notification box. It makes a great start to the day. It places me in the best mood possible to write, and I did precisely that. I feel optimistic, assured and it’s a sunny day for me.

Comments are precious for writers like me — first-time writers. I have never thought about writing full time or as a hustle — side or otherwise. I speak decent English and…

By writers for writers

As writers, we all know what the journey is like to be a writer, regardless if you are a fiction or non-fiction writer, good or bad, humorous or factual.

We all know what it takes to type up that article and find the courage to publish it online.

Some say that the journey is lonely, some say it’s exhilarating, but most say it’s a long one that requires persistence.

But the wonderful thing about being a writer, you are offering a gift to your readers: your wisdom, your experiences, your tips or hacks in life, and many more.

Even more…


Tailored for people with hectic life who have forgotten sunset

Sunset at east malaysia from Dina
Sunset at east malaysia from Dina

Sunset is my favorite time of the day. The reddish-orange hues splash against the backdrop of the deep blue sky, with the sun gradually marking the silhouettes of the city. It can be amazing on a clear day.

Sunset is like a timing, indicating a phase of time has passed. It is the time in the evening when the daylight fades and prompts us — the day is ending, and it’s time to close.

I remember my late father burning a couple of joss sticks, saying a silent prayer for the ancestors. It was his evening ritual before we settle…

Heliconia Psittacorum — False Bird-of-Paradise flower- orange, red, yellow flowers.
Heliconia Psittacorum — False Bird-of-Paradise flower- orange, red, yellow flowers.

Other names — Heliconia Psittacorum/Parrot’s beak/Parakeet flower/False Bird-of-Paradise


Tailored for busy, forgetful people or distracted writers

I think it’s appalling to keep forgetting what I read.

The more I read, the more I forget — writing the points somewhere does zilch for me. We know memorizing is even worst. If we force it, our brain cells would scoffed at us and refused to cooperate.

I thought I do a quick search on Google to see if I could find some tips.
As usual, our ever-efficient Google searched the internet maze and returned 1,890,000,000 results!

At least I know I am not alone. 😎

There are some interesting suggestions as well as many dubious ones. Solutions vary…

An ambitious aquatic plant aka — Eichhornia crassipes

Water Hyacinth — purplish pink flowers at Kebun Bangsar
Water Hyacinth — purplish pink flowers at Kebun Bangsar

It can be love at first sight with these gorgeous lavender-pink flowers. Their soft velvety mass of flowers can rise a meter above waters against the backdrop of a water carpet of buoyant green pads. The sunray bounces of these delicate petals creating a striking yet blissful water reservoir for both human and insect pollinators.

Beneath the surface water, these quiet, demure water hyacinth produces thousands of seeds each year. A single Hyacinth stalk can produce 5000 seeds. They are silent experts at cloning themselves, ensuing plenty of daughter plants using runners — stolons.

In the proper hot climates or…


For self-development newbies

Going out of your comfort zone? Adopting new habits for the first time? Like saying no to toxic people?

Give yourself a ‘flying kiss.’ 😘 You decide above everything else to work on yourself— Self Love.

Self-love means having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. Self-love means taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. Self-love means not settling for less than you deserve. — Andrea Brandt, PhD, MFT, PSYCHOTHERAPIST IN SANTA MONICA

I will resist regurgitating self-growth content; instead, I shall share some of the ‘sexy’ parts of the journey.

Ching Ching

I am a Malaysian discovering ways to write about my life and my encounters with people.

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