A conversation about life and our inner insecurities.

A few moons ago, the team at our community farm, Kebun Kebun Bangsar, cleared a small patch of land to plant paddy and 3 months later the fruits of labour are about to be ready for harvest.

Following tradition, Mr Scarecrow makes his grand appearance and consciously does so with a medical mask.

He is smart despite what people may think about him. He has responsibilities and cannot succumb to this bloody Covid-19 virus.

As he stood guard, Mary and I watch this monumental event.

(Side note: Mary is my go-to person at the community farm, in case you are…


Think twice before you consume this, otherwise opt to let go of resentments

“If you are going to fight some more, I am going to make black soup. Don’t mess with me!” — my late grandma would yell from the kitchen.

I used to fight with my same age cousin brother when doing homework. I don’t know why, maybe I hated homework. We would irritate each other so much and end up fighting with fists and all.

If Ah Ma caught us, she would twist both our ears and it will be black soup punishment for the night!

Growing up with my late grandma, I had to suffer drinking black soup a lot…


Tips on growing orchids & life in foreign countries.

Photo by Ching Ching — Entrance to largest orchid farm in Malaysia
Photo by Ching Ching — Entrance to largest orchid farm in Malaysia
Photo by Ching Ching — Entrance to largest orchid farm in Malaysia

I was told that Phalaenopsis Orchids are best for first timers as they are easiest to care… until I met Old Aunty Sim. 🙁

It was a cloudy day and after navigating several stretches of winding, country roads, I arrived at the main gates of the largest orchid farm in Malaysia.

At the entrance, a cool breeze welcome me as I sign in.

I was charmed immediately.

I lifted my gaze in awe at the long beautiful green natural shade. The fern canopy sheltered visitors from the blistering sun and cool the walkway.

Along the both sides of the walkway…

A Prompt — Remembering People and Food

I have been writing about food lately and found a few similar stories that have captured my heart and made me take a journey down memory lane.

The first story is about Sweet Sour Pork.

It is a dish which makes me think of home when I am away for a long time. It’s also a dish which you can be easily found in Chinese restaurants all over the world.

It’s a dish which requires a delicate balance between the tangy sourish taste and the sweetness from the sugar and tomatoes.

For some, it’s a legacy pass down from generations…

Ching Ching

I am a Malaysian discovering ways to write about my life and my encounters with people. Nature is my inspiration.

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