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Clouds by Ching Ching
Photo by Ching Ching

September Six Word Photo Story Challenge: Clouds

Wistful for pies in the sky. 🥧

A special friend once said to me.

“When you are among the clouds, time stands still and nothing else matters. Only you and me.”

Sadly, we part ways for the last time.

I returned to Kuala Lumpur with a broken heart. 💔

Note: Why the pie? Well if you have been following me, food is a very close subject to my heart and is an excellent way to nurse broken dreams. 😔



We Have the Power to Undo An Applause

Image by Ching Ching

Reminds me of the ‘unfriend’ button on Facebook.

This is a useful function, compare to paying writers by claps. 😏

Or fixing the bugs on Medium apps.

Or add a function to help writers with grammar.

There must be something about claps…



Another name — Baccaurea Polyneura Hook

Image from friends at Seeds Malaysia

I love TokNenek’s mini fruit forest. It surprises me with exotic trees like the ice cream beans and peanut butter trees.

I discovered ‘Buah Jentik’ recently, a reddish fruit similar texture to a pomegranate seed. (Loosely translates — ‘Finger Flick Fruit’)

Buah Jentik comes from a beautiful green tree with lush, dense foliage. An extremely suitable tree for mid-level canopy/layering for a fruit forest.

This tree grows 5 to 30 meters tall. A tropical tree, native in most warm Asian countries. Grows well in almost any soil and bear fruits all year round.

While ‘Abracadabra’ opens Aladdin’s secret cave, Buah Jentik simply needs a flick of a finger to pry open it’s outer skin to enjoy its sweet sourish fruit.



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