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Photo from my friend Ng Sek San at Kebun Kebun Bangsar, We Have an Inner Scarecrow Inside Us Called ‘Critic’
Photo from my friend Ng Sek San at Kebun Kebun Bangsar

A few moons ago, the team at our community farm, Kebun Kebun Bangsar, cleared a small patch of land to plant paddy and 3 months later the fruits of labour are about to be ready for harvest.

Following tradition, Mr Scarecrow makes his grand appearance and consciously does so with a medical mask.

He is smart despite what people may think about him. He has responsibilities and cannot succumb to this bloody Covid-19 virus.

As he stood guard, Mary and I watch this monumental event.

(Side note: Mary is my go-to person at the community farm, in case you are…


Think twice before you consume this, otherwise opt to let go of resentments

How My Grandma’s Bitter Tonic Soup Heals Resentment, chinese medicine herbs
Image by vivi14216 from Pixabay

“If you are going to fight some more, I am going to make black soup. Don’t mess with me!” — my late grandma would yell from the kitchen.

I used to fight with my same age cousin brother when doing homework. I don’t know why, maybe I hated homework. We would irritate each other so much and end up fighting with fists and all.

If Ah Ma caught us, she would twist both our ears and it will be black soup punishment for the night!

Growing up with my late grandma, I had to suffer drinking black soup a lot…

Photo by Ching Ching at Kebun Kebun Bangsar

Drink and forever be intoxicated: Freestyle

Image from friends at Seeds Malaysia

Another name — Baccaurea Polyneura Hook


Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in South East Asia

Moon cakes by my friend Paik Sim in Singapore — Gula Melaka Flavour
Moon cakes by my friend Paik Sim in Singapore — Gula Melaka Flavour

In a month and the half, Chinese in South East Asia, will celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

This festival marks the end of the autumn harvest. In the old days, farmers will give thanks by holding a simple prayer for a good harvest.

For me, it is the end of summer; the weather is cooler and the surrounding colour changes.

I know for sure, my favourite raspberries will be difficult to find in the local markets and I would watch leaves gradually fall turning reddish brown.

Like most Chinese festival, there is a special delicacy to enjoy and a folktale to…

Food but to be more precise — Dried shrimps sambal

I got tagged by Allison Cecile and thought it will be fun to share.


1. Dried shrimps sambal — chilli

This is my one and only preferred garnish over my food. Forget about dainty parsley or chives, it has to be dried shrimp sambal.

If I could drop this over everything I eat, I would. This salty spicy sambal (chillies paste) is made of fried dried shrimps and chillies.

It’s fried until dry. I usually drop a dollop into my dish for an extra kick of heat. 🔥

2. Huawei phone camera

I don’t need the phone, but I need the camera function. …

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