An Immersion of Beauty and Function When Water Meets Earth

How nature assembles itself around water sustainably

Gravity-fed fountain, water, herbs, plant, farm
Photo by Author — Gravity-Fed Fountain

If the world’s water supply were only 100 liters (26 gallons), usable water supply/fresh water would be only about 0.003 liter (one-half teaspoon) — Water Facts — Worldwide Water Supply

Upper Circular Pond — An Oasis for Stopovers

Pond, Water shields, Kebun Kebun Bangsar, Urban Farm
Photo by Author — Pond at Kebun Kebun Bangsar

Gravity Fed Fountains — Planting Beds

Water, garvity fed fountains, duck, herbs
Photo by Author, Charles David, Ng Sek San — Gravity-Fed Fountains

Wetlands — Aquatic Life Sanctuary

Wetlands at Kebun Kebun Bangsar- dragon fly, fishes, pond, geese, arrow heads, water features.
Photo by Author, Charles David and Ng Sek San — Wetlands at Kebun Kebun Bangsar
  1. An Urban Oasis Sustained By Nature for Nature
  2. The Quiet Visitors of an Urban Farm
  3. Kebun-Kebun, Bangsar @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



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Ching Ching

I am a Malaysian discovering ways to write about my life and my encounters with people. Nature is my inspiration.